A Most Unexpected Landmark Has Been Achieved!

A most unexpected landmark has been achieved!

Through our genealogical research we have approached thousands of potential heirs across the world and yet never believed this could happen; even though we had discussed the possibility amongst ourselves many times!

In 2014 we supported the Estate Administration of a Mrs C whose husband had died before her and there was no known Next of Kin. Through our involvement, we were able to confirm the beneficiaries were the 20 plus children of her thirteen aunts and uncles.

Some three years later we commenced work on Mrs CW’s sizeable Estate. Our team identified that the gifts stated in the Will had lapsed and the entirety of her Estate would now be subject to the Rules of Intestacy.

The Estate became one of the most complex cases we have worked on to-date. Though through our professional experience and tireless research, we were able to successfully identify and locate over 30 beneficiaries.

When approaching one of the final, and more elusive beneficiaries within the family, we were stunned to discover that not only was he already aware of us, he had been an existing client through Mrs C’s Estate. He was just as astonished as we were when the confusion cleared, and we were able to tell him that this time we were contacting him as he was inheriting on his mother’s side.

We felt this was quite remarkable and something to share; even in our line of work we can get the most unexpected kind of repeat customer.

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