Selling Properties During Covid-19

In light of the recent restrictions related to Covid-19, Treethorpe’s priority has been to manage our client’s expectations and ensure estates are administered in line with our normal working practices as much as possible.

Particular difficulties have occurred involving estates comprising of property and how we can sell them without posing a risk to people and staying within government guidelines. Working together with estate agents and the legal profession, we have been able to further the estate administration and sale of properties by adapting our working practices to include virtual viewings and by ensuring work is completed online.

We have shared our home addresses to ensure any necessary documents that require attention are completed in time and have had to consider and overcome a number of overlooked factors. This includes refuge sites no longer being open to dispose of rubbish; an instrumental part in presenting a property for viewings.

By remaining flexible and trusting amongst our peers we have been able to place properties on the market with very little delay. Our clients have been very thankful of our efforts.

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