TCAS assists us in our aim to achieve the highest standards of practice and service, whilst allowing our clients quick and easy access to the status of each case, view real time updates, and find contact details of your assigned case manager, all within a secure environment.

Online security and data protection has been a key factor in the development of TCAS to ensure the information stored in TCAS is secure, protected and that access is controlled.

Once securely logged-in, you can easily identify your case(s) using the unique case reference on your welcome page. Here you can view the case status, view asset holder information, and confirm the manager assigned to your case(s). TCAS also allows you to view more case details, and check updates that your case manager may have just posted.

TCAS also allows our case managers to run your case efficiently but without compromising on the professional standards you would expect. The status of each case, its category, asset holder information and other relevant case details are viewed in a virtual ‘case file’; here, the case manager has access to all the tools necessary to refer to, update or progress your case, and can securely store and view scanned copies of all correspondences.

For enquiries, contact our Commercial Manager, Rebecca McNaught on
+44 (0) 1954 266030 or email direct [email protected]