Our People

Richard Thurmott

Commercial Manager
Specialises in asset and estate reunification for our corporate and public authority clients. Having worked for many years within and outside the Financial Services Industry, Richard brings a wealth of experience in business development and commercial management both in the UK and in Europe. Within his role he is responsible for relationship acquisition, client retention, governance and leadership.

Richard is also a registered member of the Professional Paralegal Register.

Lauren Geary

Team Leader & Senior Cases Manager
As well as being Team Leader for the researchers based in our Canary Wharf Head Office, Lauren holds a Probate Research Practicing Paralegal Certificate in her own right. Lauren is Regulated as a Tier 3 Paralegal and is working toward Tier 4 registration.

Lauren was the first winner of the ‘Best Probate Research Paralegal’ at the inaugural PPR National Paralegal Awards.

She draws on years of experience in the tracing and asset reunification industry to deliver a customer focused service to the highest possible standard. Specialising in historical genealogy research, Lauren is valued highly for her accuracy, tenacity, determination and her dedication to clients under her own and her team’s care. Lauren is always willing and happy to pursue our most challenging cases, both in the UK and Internationally. She has ensured clients all over the world have benefited from our service; acting as one of the lead relationship managers for our internal researcher colleagues and network overall.

Caroline Cooper

Senior Cases Manager
Caroline Cooper joined the company in 2013 having attained a degree in History. Her promotion to Senior Cases Manager in 2016, recognized how she has solved some of our most difficult cases using her keen eye for detail, great client relationship management approach and her passion for history and genealogy. Her ability to connect to her the clients stems from her experience and down to earth personable approach. She has completed over 200 cases; with clients based in both in the UK and further afield. As of May 2017, Caroline achieved her much warranted recognition as a Tier 3 Registered Probate Researcher, being awarded the Probate Research Practicing Paralegal Certificate by the Professional Paralegal Register.

Caroline is also a regulated member of the Professional Paralegal Register.

Venetia Carpenter

Business Development Associate
Venetia is a qualified Chartered Secretary, a Member of the Association of International Accountants and a CEDR accredited Mediator. For more than 25 years, she has run her own Chartered Secretarial Practice acting as Company Secretary for a variety of companies and charities. Since September 2014, Venetia has worked with Treethorpe to promote the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility to colleagues and companies alike and offer solutions to the ever increasing need to reconnect with lost shareholders, clients and account holders.

Lorna Gallacher

Probate Researcher
Lorna is one of our most experienced and long-serving members of staff and our dedicated Probate Research Genealogist.

She conducts initial research on every Estate that is referred to us and offers her insight and guidance to the Cases Managers regarding the family, the beneficiaries and how the Estate should be handled. She also works in partnership with the Cases Managers on all large and complex family trees.

She has experience in researching worldwide and tracing families as far back as the early 1800s. She uses her extensive knowledge of genealogical resources and attention to detail to ensure that every record is found, and every beneficiary is traced. Her logical mindset and tenacity when faced with a challenging family tree have allowed her to solve some of our most complex cases.

She attends many genealogy lectures and investigates new records and resources to improve her knowledge and readily shares her research skills with her colleagues to ensure we work to the highest standard.

Lorna is also a regulated member of the Professional Paralegal Register and holder of a Practicing Paralegal Certificate for Probate Research.

Gemma Tame LLB

Cases Manager
Gemma joined Treethorpe as a law graduate from the University of Greenwich, having also completed the Legal Practice Course at the prestigious BPP Law School. As Cases Manager, Gemma continues to develop her case management skills within the Legal and Financial sectors. With her ability to maintain customer satisfaction to a high standard and her interpersonal approach, Gemma has become a valuable member of our London team and a pleasure to work with. Gemma is passionate about establishing a rapport with her clients and enjoys meeting them in person to discuss their family tree and her research. Gemma has acted as the Personal Representative where preferred, acting in the best interest for the estate. Gemma is a Tier 2 Registered Paralegal and Probate Researcher, working towards her Practicing Paralegal Certificate. Look out for ‘Mr P’s’ story; a story which encapsulates the high level of care and support Gemma provides her clients.

Gemma is also a registered member of the Professional Paralegal Register.

Marta Lukasz

Cases Manager
Marta is a professional Polish Genealogist and is based in our London Canary Wharf office. She has a background in linguistics and is multilingual. Her successes have taken her over Europe to personally meet her clients and establish a rapport with them, something she takes great pride in. Janina’s story is a great example of this. Marta’s success draws on her four years UK based genealogical research experience in asset re-unification. As Second Leader she supports the Team Leader in London, taking care of day-to-day team management with a focus on training, and performance monitoring. Marta is also a Tier 3 Registered Paralegal and Probate Researcher, accredited with her Practicing Paralegal Certificate.

Marta is also a regulated member of the Professional Paralegal Register.

Rebecca McNaught

Cases Manager
Rebecca joined Treethorpe in 2018 as a Cases Manager. She brings a wealth of customer service experience to our Cambridge office, following her many years as a Retail Manager.

Rebecca approaches all of her clients with huge amounts of kindness and empathy, building strong working relationship with them. As a very family-oriented person, she loves being able to share what she has learned about the family trees with her clients and is always keen to help unite (or reunite) the relatives.

Rebecca’s methodical approach to her work and keen eye for detail means she is incredibly thorough with Estate Finances and she is a strong advocate for her clients when dealing with third parties, ensuring beneficiaries receive their full entitlements.

Rebecca is dedicated to ensuring the Estate administration process is as simple and straightforward as possible to minimise the stress on the family during a difficult time.

Rebecca is also a registered member of the Professional Paralegal Register.

Jennifer Bonwick

Cases Manager
Jennifer joined Treethorpe in 2019 as a Cases Manager at our Cambridge office.

Jennifer graduated university with a degree in Business and International development. Jennifer has vast experience in customer service having spent several years working as a Customer Service Manager, as well as experience working within the financial services industry.

Jennifer has an interest in the various mechanisms of inheritance law and the intricacies involved. And how they apply to the unclaimed Estates we are referred.

Jennifer is highly empathetic and volunteers with multiple local charities, which include her local hospice. She also participates in playscheme programmes for children and teenagers with complex disabilities.