Our People

Rebecca McNaught

Commercial Manager & Team Leader
Rebecca joined Treethorpe in 2018 as a Cases Manager. She brings a wealth of customer service experience to our Cambridge office, following her many years as a Retail Manager.

Rebecca approaches all of her clients with huge amounts of kindness and empathy, building strong working relationship with them. As a very family-oriented person, she loves being able to share what she has learned about the family trees with her clients and is always keen to help unite (or reunite) the relatives.

Rebecca’s methodical approach to her work and keen eye for detail means she is incredibly thorough with Estate Finances and she is a strong advocate for her clients when dealing with third parties, ensuring beneficiaries receive their full entitlements.

Rebecca is dedicated to ensuring the Estate administration process is as simple and straightforward as possible to minimise the stress on the family during a difficult time.

Rebecca is also a registered member of the Professional Paralegal Register.

Caroline Cooper

Team Leader & Senior Cases Manager
Caroline joined the company as a Cases Manager in 2013 with a degree in History and is based in our London Office.

Caroline has solved some of our most difficult cases using her keen eye for detail, great client relationship management approach and her passion for history and genealogy. She has completed over 350 cases; with clients based both in the UK and further afield. Her ability to connect to her clients can be attributed to her experience and down-to-earth personable approach.

She was promoted to a Team Leader role in the London office in 2022 and is also involved with the management of our external researcher based in Europe.

Caroline is also a Tier 3 Registered Probate Researcher and is a regulated member of the Professional Paralegal Register.

Alasdair Doyle

Team Leader & Cases Manager
Alasdair graduated with a first-class degree in History from the University of Nottingham, and he has since built invaluable experience in legal practice.

As a Tier 2 Registered Paralegal, Alasdair continues to develop his legal capabilities through both his work at Treethorpe and through his part-time study towards a Master’s degree in legal practice and the completion of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination.

Drawing on skills developed through years of historical and legal research, Alasdair particularly enjoys going the extra mile for his clients in the intricate genealogical work we excel in. This is something that his clients have remarked upon as part of our client feedback process.

Venetia Carpenter

Business Development Associate
Venetia is a qualified Chartered Secretary, a Member of the Association of International Accountants and a CEDR accredited Mediator. For more than 25 years, she has run her own Chartered Secretarial Practice acting as Company Secretary for a variety of companies and charities. Since September 2014, Venetia has worked with Treethorpe to promote the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility to colleagues and companies alike and offer solutions to the ever increasing need to reconnect with lost shareholders, clients and account holders.

Gemma Greenfield LLB, MCILEX

Senior Cases Manager & Paralegal
Gemma joined Treethorpe as a Cases Manager at our London office in 2016.

Gemma graduated in law from the University of Greenwich and completed the Legal Practice Course at the prestigious BPP Law School. Building on years of experience in legal services, Gemma has continued to strengthen her legal aptitude through both her work as a Cases Manager and further qualification; Gemma is a Graduate Member of the Institute of Legal Executives, an Affiliate Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), and a Tier 3 Regulated Paralegal and Probate Researcher. Gemma also has extensive experience acting as Personal Representative for estates when preferred by her clients, adding to the convenience of our service.

Gemma particularly enjoys establishing a rapport with her clients and meeting with them in person to discuss their case and her research. Look out for our news story ‘The Estate of Mr P’ which encapsulates the high level of care and support that Gemma provides her clients.

Other interesting articles attributed to Gemma’s work include ‘The Estate of Mr P’ and ‘How Important Is Missing Beneficiary Insurance?’

Takudzwa Mutevedzi

Team Leader
Takudzwa joined Treethorpe in 2022 as a Cases Manager, having also completed an LLM with first class honors at the esteemed Nottingham Law School. He also holds an LLB degree from the University of Zimbabwe. Takudzwa is a registered Legal Practitioner, Notary Public and Conveyancer in the English law and Roman-Dutch law jurisdiction of Zimbabwe with practice experience in the jurisdiction.

Takudzwa brings a wealth of experience and legal skills from his work experience with an international commercial law firm, exposure to succession litigation and family law practice. He is now using all the skills and knowledge he has acquired over the years to develop as a diligent and thorough Cases Manager. Takudzwa seeks to achieve the best results for clients in a professional manner while infusing a human touch to ensure that the output is tailored to the needs of clients. He possesses a keen eye for detail and strives to ensure his work is the best standard possible.

Takudzwa’s work ethic and thirst for success is key as he always seeks to deliver the best results possible for clients.

Jake Lewis LLB (Hons)

Cases Manager
Jake joined Treethorpe as a Cases Manager at our London office in 2022, bringing with him over 7 years of experience in the legal sector. Jake graduated from Brunel University in 2015 with a degree in law.

Throughout his career, Jake has gained a breadth of legal experience working as a paralegal across various sectors including personal injury, housing and property claims. Before formally entering the legal sector, Jake worked at a local authority’s legal department for a year on placement, and he spent several summers prior to this accruing invaluable legal experience.

Within his various roles, Jake has honed his client care skills to assist him with progressing cases from start to finish. Through his excellent attention to detail and methodical approach, Jake ensures that his work is completed to the highest possible standard. Jake particularly enjoys employing his genealogical research skills to solve exceptionally complex cases.

Nicoletta Santonocito

Cases Manager
Nikki joined Treethorpe in January 2023 with a degree in English Literature & Creative Writing from the University of Hull.

Originally from Italy, Nikki is passionate about the unique human story that each case contains within itself, and during the research process, she always finds herself growing fond of the families she works on.

As the last hire of our Cambridge office, she has taken to her training quickly and enthusiastically. Nikki sees each of her cases as a responsibility and through her investigative stubbornness combined with the willingness to ask for help, she aims to bring the best possible service she can to all her clients.

Nikki’s favourite part of the job is being able to give a copy of the family tree and certificates to the beneficiaries; there is always something magical about the mosaic they can create.

Jahanzeb Shafiq LLB

Cases Manager
Jahanzeb's background and experience make him a valuable asset to Treethorpe. With a solid foundation in law through his LLB degree and ongoing pursuit of his LLM and Legal Practice Course, he demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and expertise in his field.

Furthermore, his tenure in the Singapore Armed Forces, starting as an Infantry soldier and culminating as a Close Combat Instructor, showcases his exceptional leadership, teamwork, and adaptability skills. These qualities are essential in navigating the complexities of office dynamics and fostering a productive work environment.

Jahanzeb's organisational skills, attention to detail, and ability to remain composed under pressure are invaluable character strengths, particularly in a role like Cases Manager where managing multiple tasks and deadlines is crucial.

Overall, Jahanzeb's dedication to mission accomplishment, coupled with his diverse skill set and experiences, positions him as a capable and effective member of the team.

Alexandra Pizzoferrato

Cases Manager
Alexandra joined Treethorpe as a Cases Manager in 2023 upon moving from Australia to Cambridge.

Having worked in a variety of roles within a government department in Australia, Alexandra worked her way from customer service operator, up to contract compliance officer, dealing with the compliance on high level governmental contracts. Having been exposed to this wide range of roles within the organisation, Alexandra has developed strong research, analytical and administrative skills which have been highly valuable in the work she undertakes at Treethorpe.

Alexandra prides herself on her communication skills, ensuring everyone is treated with respect, transparency, patience, and honesty. As we are working with topics that can be sensitive and emotional by nature, Alexandra wants to ensure her clients feel safe to express themselves and process the conversations and information they are receiving.

Having 18 years of personal genealogical experience, coupled with her years of professional administrative experience, Alexandra is determined to complete her cases to the highest standard.

Susannah Murray

Cases Manager
Susannah joined Treethorpe in early 2024 as a Cases Manager. Following her relocation to Cambridge, Susannah achieved a First Class Law degree with honors. With a passion for learning and the legal field, Susannah seamlessly transitioned into her role.

Throughout her academic career, Susannah has shown great initiative in immersing herself in various experiences within the industry. Ranging from family law to employment law, she has acquired skills and practical education. With a foundation of over 6 years of customer service experience, Susannah demonstrates her strong communication skills and commitment to helping others.

Since starting at Treethorpe, Susannah has excelled during her training, continuously expanding her knowledge in the world of private client and estate administration. She particularly enjoys Scottish and Irish cases, which challenge her research skills. Susannah's thirst for learning and adaptability are vital as she approaches all her clients with sensitivity and optimal results.

Thomas Mee

Research Administrator
Tom joined Treethorpe in late 2023 as a Research Administrator.

Coming from a background in retail and hospitality, Tom has taken a lot of experience from these roles to bring a fresh approach to his rapport building skills with clients.

Tom has spent his time so far at Treethorpe improving his research skills, to ensure the standard set by other members of the Treethorpe team is carried out. All cases Tom receives are taken on with just as much enthusiasm as the last, regardless of the genealogical research volume required to move a case forward.

Learning and improvement are always at the forefront of Tom’s priorities. Treethorpe offers many training programmes in which employees can enrol to improve their skills — this ensures that they can gain as much experience as possible to improve their work.

Tom looks forward to a long and prosperous future with Treethorpe, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to continue acquiring knowledge and expanding his skill set.

Jessica Harrison

Research Administrator
Jessica joined Treethorpe as a Research Administrator. Her background started in the creative industries, graduating from Norwich University of the Arts in 2022 with a degree in Film & Moving Image, and now she has seamlessly integrated into the world of estate administration. Since joining the team, Jessica has worked diligently to foster both happy and professional relationships with her colleagues and clients.

History and Genealogy have always captivated Jessica, she has traced her own family tree back to the 15th century. This passion for research and familial narratives greatly influences her approach to her work. Jessica views her favourite part of the job as the research stage, as it is like piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Alongside her experience in customer service, Jessica strives to approach clients with care and sensitivity, understanding the importance of the matters at hand. Whilst she acknowledges that there is still much more to learn, Jessica is determined to progress in both her knowledge and experience to better assist those who rely on our services.

Samuel Till

Research Administrator
Samuel brings an array of unique attributes to the role that he has acquired through educational and professional experiences.

Having completed a master’s in international relations from Durham University, Samuel is adept at forensic genealogical research, solving various complex cases through innovative methodological approaches. Moreover, his background in marketing provides him with the skillset to thrive in Treethorpe’s customer focussed environment.

Samuel looks forward to enhancing his legal expertise within the coming months and years to ensure the greatest possible outcome for Treethorpe and his clients.

Conor Corder

Research Administrator
Conor joined Treethorpe’s London Office in October 2023, after graduating with a first-class degree in History from Kings College London.

Having completed two dissertations during the final year of his studies, Conor brings with him invaluable research skills, a keen eye for detail and a determined resilience. He is particularly interested in Irish research, as this is where his own roots lie.

As one of the newer members of Treethorpe, Conor has jumped into his training eagerly, and is starting to build up the breadth of skills required to deliver the best possible service for his clients.

Amy Dennis

Research Administrator
Amy joined Treethorpe’s London office in September 2023 with a first-class degree in Human Geography from the University of Kent.

Amy enjoys the variety of her work at Treethorpe, taking particular interest in the complex research required by many of our cases. Working with compassion and integrity is at the heart of Amy’s work, providing a sensitive and personalised service to all her clients.

Through her meticulous and creative approaches to the challenges presented by each case, Amy ensures that each client’s needs are met to the highest possible standard.

Teona Dobson

Research Administrator
Teona Joined Treethorpe’s London office in October 2023 after completing a degree in Law at City University of London.

Drawing on invaluable experience gained from previous roles and building on skills and knowledge developed throughout her legal studies, Teona provides a thorough and attentive service to her clients.

Teona particularly enjoys building a strong rapport with her clients, and she continues to move from strength to strength in tackling the variety of challenges involved in estate administration and asset reunification.

We are an advocate of equality and diversity in our work and in society as a whole. We have always sought to enable and nurture the talent of new and existing staff members with an interest in the work we do and to assist them in creating successful careers.

Our members of staff come from diverse backgrounds, and include those with overseas work and professional experience. Everyone is treated equally and fairly regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, identity or expression, marital or civil partnership status, political persuasion, pregnancy or maternity, race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex or gender, sexual orientation or social background.