Treethorpe is a leader in the field of forensic genealogy; tracing lawful owners of assets and reuniting them with their entitlements.

We are able to draw on the skills, experience and resources needed to deliver our service cost-effectively and professionally, having built a strong reputation in reconnecting individuals or their beneficiaries with their assets and entitlements.

Within the UK financial system we know that there is a significant amount of monies held in unclaimed insurance policies, dormant bank and savings accounts, and pension and SAYE schemes, as well as cash and dividends relating to unclaimed equity investments.

Organisations such as yourself (whether you be an insurance company, bank or building society, pension scheme provider or a public company) routinely maintain registers and lists of your clients or members. These registers and lists are often very large, geographically diverse and sometimes based on older records that have been transferred from paper to an electronic format.

Whilst there may be a legal requirement to maintain accurate and up-to-date lists/registers, it is often the case that contact is lost with some of these clients and members, despite your best efforts, as they move home, leave the country, or pass away without any notification being provided to you.

For banks in particular, there is now a regulatory requirement to make every effort to locate account holders for dormant accounts. Funds from any accounts still dormant after 15 years now have to be passed over to the ‘Big Society Bank’. This means that you lose access to those liabilities and the chance of further business from your customer in the event that contact with him/her is resumed.

We can help you fulfil your statutory obligations towards the customers and clients for whom you are holding monies or assets in trust. We recognise the majority of our corporate clients, and indeed the majority of the financial services providers in general, do not have the expertise or resource to divert to the task of addressing this matter and carry the on going risk of reputational damage should this situation be allowed to continue indefinitely. If, however, you address these issues, it can only be advantageous for your Corporate Social Responsibility profile.

Our service enables you to outsource the solution to this issue, allowing you to re-establish contact with your clients, or their beneficiaries, at an attractive relative cost whilst providing a fantastic reputational building opportunity by doing the right thing — reuniting clients with the entitlements they are due.

As part of our service we can offer you the benefits of our tailor-made IT system TCAS (through your own client log-in portal), this will provide you with the ability to view how we are progressing the cases you have provided to us. Visit our TCAS page for more information.

Strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility

Reduce The Risk Of Reputational Damage

Enhance Future Client Opportunities

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