We are an established firm of professional forensic genealogists and researchers.

We engage in the task of asset reunification — tracing the legitimate owners, heirs or beneficiaries of forgotten and unclaimed assets, (such as lost shares, pensions, life policies, cash and dormant bank accounts) and reuniting them with those entitlements.

All our staff receive rigorous professional training. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and comply with data protection requirements in all respects. We ensure that information about individuals is kept confidential. We are registered with the FCA, comply with the various regulatory requirements associated with our registration and ensure that we subscribe to, and deliver on, the FCAs’ directive to put the interests of the customers at the core of what we do. More details can be found in our Governance section.

If you are an individual, we can find unclaimed assets to which you are entitled. We will help you to trace them and through our processes, claim them.
If you are a company, firm of solicitors, bank, insurance company, local authority or other form of organisation, we can find clients, members or other beneficiaries you have been unable to trace or do not have the time or resource to be able to trace.

We research cases involving lost entitlements from the UK. We also deal with, assets based in mainland Europe and worldwide and have a good track record of success.

In the last five years we have delivered our services successfully to hundreds of customers throughout the world, helping to recover millions of pounds-worth of assets and associated lost income.

Our ethos of professionalism and service, along with the ability to listen to our customers has led us to become one of the foremost asset recovery agents in the UK today.

We offer a newer, fresher perspective for the organisations we are partnering, the individuals we are finding on their behalf and the lost owners and beneficiaries we are identifying.

Trace Missing Beneficiaries

Recover And Realise Unclaimed Assets

Mitigate Time And Case Pressure

For enquiries, contact our Commercial Manager, Rebecca McNaught on
+44 (0) 1954 266030 or email direct [email protected]