We have access to the necessary resources, and the required know-how, to trace individuals and groups of individuals in the UK and worldwide. Our people are highly trained and experienced in doing this work and therefore we can provide you with a more cost effective alternative than doing this ‘in-house’.

There are a number of reasons why an individual or organisation, or group of individuals possibly as part of an organisation, may find themselves acting as Custodians or Trustees in relation to specified assets and incomes.

Whilst there are a good number of individuals who have no commercial basis to their involvement, being perhaps friends or relatives that have agreed to devote some of their time to assist in the administration of an estate or an ongoing trust, the majority of custodians are organisations and individuals that are involved in a professional capacity (such as solicitors).

In the course of time contact can often be lost with some or all of the beneficiaries of the assets, or incomes being administered or looked after. The Custodians or Trustees are then presented with the difficulty of being unable to carry out their duties in accordance with the directives within their governing document (e.g. the Will or trust deed).

In circumstances such as these we can help by using our considerable experience, skills and resources to locate beneficiaries, anywhere in the world.

Our services are offered to individuals regardless of whether they are legal professionals or not. If you believe you might be beneficially entitled to an asset or assets but are unsure as to how to go about looking into it, and possibly recovering it, we may be able to help you.

We usually do not ask for any payment unless we are successful in our efforts and so there is no risk to our clients. And what’s more, our dedicated team of researchers will work discreetly and in a timely manner, providing regular feedback on their progress.

Our services are offered to individuals regardless of whether they are legal professionals or not.

For enquiries, contact our Commercial Manager, Rebecca McNaught on
+44 (0) 1954 266030 or email direct [email protected]