Local Authorities often find it difficult and time-consuming to track down the relatives or other beneficiaries of the estate of someone who has passed away, perhaps while in the care of the Local Authority, or because they have simply died alone with no-one identified to deal with their affairs.

We can help you uphold your social responsibility goals, and take away a considerable burden.

Treethorpe has a proven track record in the field of tracing heirs and beneficiaries to deceased estates, in discovering unclaimed inheritances as well as other assets, in tracing the legal owners of those assets and helping them claim their entitlements.

In recent years, Treethorpe has successfully and increasingly applied its expertise and resources to assisting Local Authorities in identifying and tracing beneficiaries of the estates of their deceased clients.

By partnering with an independent external firm with the essential skills, experience and resources, you can benefit from a professional and highly cost-effective solution to your problems, including in some cases, settlement of outstanding debts.

CASE STUDY: RESEARCH USING FAMILY RECORDS — L was a bachelor and his only prized possession when he died was an invitation to a Graduation Dinner and Dance for the No.33 Air Navigation School, Royal Air Force at Mount Hope, which had belonged to his brother. Sadly after graduating in February 1944 his brother had lost his life when his plane was hit by flak and flew into a hill on 1st January 1945. By researching the death of his brother, we discovered a short descriptive article on his life which confirmed who his parents were. This greatly assisted Treethorpe in tracing the beneficiaries to this gentleman’s estate.

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