Client Satisfaction Results

From our 2017 client satisfaction survey result, all client questionnaires have provided invaluable and positive feedback; with the vast majority rating our service as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.







2017 — Our Clients Feedback

At the end of every case we send our clients a ‘Client Evaluation Questionnaire’ to complete; without this valuable feedback it would be harder to identify where we can improve.

Our Goals – 2017

At the end of 2016 we set ourselves some quite aggressive goals; these were on the back of a drop in our overall client satisfaction results — ‘only’ 93% of clients that returned the questionnaire, had felt our overall service either Excellent or Good — a fall from the 94% seen in 2015.

So, what were these goals and how did we do?

Encourage more clients to provide their Feedback

333 clients returned questionnaires in 2017, a 75% increase on the 190 received in 2016

Continue to and enhance the delivery of such a high level of service such that 95% consider it either Excellent or Good

We certainly improved though not quite to the level we strove for — the final figures were 94.3%, so close… Despite not achieving our very challenging 95% the results were higher than 2016 and 2015

Work on areas of communication that had been identified as needing improvement.

97% of our clients feel our communication is either ‘Very’ (69%) or ‘Quite’ (28%) clear. That said we know we can still do more, particularly at the very early stages of our communication and we will continue to develop this.

Our international reach of clients has never been so high; in number and in spread around the globe — from Chilli to Australia, Italy to Croatia to Canada. We have as a result built a great working relationship with translations firms. We converse regularly in our clients’ home language, whether that be on the phone, or via email and letter.

As a company we attended a training and development day hosted by Cruse Bereavement Care — we are very conscious that much of our work brings us into close contact with families that are suffering a loss. Cruse has helped to ensure our communication, especially over the phone, ensures our clients wellbeing is kept at the forefront of our approach. Peter’s story is a real example of how this has helped us to support our clients.

Our Team

Cruse also emphasised that it is not just the families that can be affected by our work; one of our saddest cases in 2017 was learning, through the international researcher that supported research in Prague and surrounding areas, that both sides of the family of the couple who had made a life in the UK in 1949, had been victims of concentration camps, such that no family members remained alive today.

Whilst our ‘Overall Service’ results didn’t reach that 95% goal, the specific feedback on our team of Cases Managers as individuals did, with 59% describing them as Excellent and 36% as Good. We are proud of the team we have built, and the culture and environment we create for them to work in.

Our resounding requalification for the ‘Investors in People’ award in January 2017 clearly demonstrated this, as does the first questionnaire, Abbi, our newest addition to the team received; the client commented:

“I would personally like to say to Abbigale that I am very pleased, and grateful that she took so much trouble to research, manage and deliver such an unexpected and welcome communication from my deceased sister at this Xmas time. Thank you”

The team continues to professionally develop. Lorna and Caroline qualified for their Regulated Tier Three Probate Research Practising Paralegal Certificate in 2017, and we have two more expected to achieve this in 2018. With the launch of our Employee Training incentive for 2018 we expect more of the team to invest in their professional development through qualification — all of which benefits our clients and the service they receive.

Our Value

Whilst we continue to hear concerns expressed about the fee for our service at the beginning of our engagements with clients, with 80% in 2017 categorising the value of our service as either Excellent (46%), or Good (34%), we are reassured that once clients have experienced the end-to-end nature of our service, and have a better understanding of the work involved as we progress their case, they, as the feedback strongly supports, recognise its worth.

Our Summary

For the first three months of 2017 the results were hugely disappointing, with the company achieving an 88% overall satisfaction rate. To see this turned around to 94% is hugely rewarding; the team have worked hard at the numerous initiatives that took place in 2017 to achieve this. We are understandably proud of the final results.


In 2018 we will continue the focus and aim to reach that 95%; we are already looking at tools and resources that will improve the client experience, and our processes, to help us achieve this.

Virtually all our clients will be able to communicate with us through our Treethorpe Case Administration System — our very own and highly secure client relationship management system
We are looking at automating much of the ‘Know Your Customer’ identification and verification process to make things easier and quicker for our clients ahead of funds being dispatched to them
We have engaged the services of ‘’ to obtain independent and validated feedback that can be published and seen on-line
We will continue to develop our letters and literature content to increase the clarity of information. Our new for 2018 ‘What you need to know’ brochure is already available to all our clients via our website.
We will continue to challenge the excessive fees some custodians charge our clients when we are recovering assets and any past recoverable income on their behalf.
We will continue our efforts in keeping clients better informed of the progress being made on their case.
We will continue to develop our we communicate with clients at the outset and how our company credentials can provide the comfort sometimes required about the genuineness of our approach.

Finally, a thank you to all our clients that took the time to provide their opinion on the service delivered, and to you for taking the time to read the results.

Client communication rating as good


Increase in returned client questionnaires