Client Satisfaction Results

From our bi-annual 2021 client satisfaction survey result, all client questionnaires have provided invaluable and positive feedback; with the vast majority rating our service as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.







Our results in 2020

As we end 2020 and start 2021, we would like to say thank you to all our clients for your patience throughout COVID-19.

We have continued to work throughout the pandemic and what our clients have been saying shows the service provided has maintained our high standards.

Following an unusual year in 2020, in and out of lockdown, we have finally returned to our offices and getting some normality back into our lives.

We would like to thank all our clients to date who have been very patient as some of our 3rd parties have had some lengthy back logs to contend with. I believe we are now finding those back logs to be cleared.

The probate court suffered with an influx of applications stating that some were being issued in weeks, but some were taking months. Luckily, they are getting through them now and clearing the back log.

During Covid 19 we have maintained a high level in the work we provide, below is some of the feedback we received from our clients:

I would like to express special thanks to Jennifer Bonwick on how well this has been done and the excellent copy of the family tree.

Gemma Tame was extremely helpful to me & was a lovely person to speak to.

Marta was professional and very supportive at all times.

I was contacted by Treethorpe about inheritance I never knew I had. All communications were informative and clear.

Everything was explained clearly, and when we needed to phone we were always able to do so with no trouble.

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