Our Service

We are a leader in the field of asset reunification — tracing heirs and beneficiaries to deceased estates, in discovering unclaimed or forgotten inheritances as well as other assets, in tracing the lawful owners of these assets and in helping them claim their entitlements.

Our service can be provided either to an individual, an organisation or to a business that needs assistance in finding an individual who may be entitled to some form of unclaimed asset or benefit (shares, cash, pensions, life policies and dormant bank accounts).

For individuals or professionals parties (i.e. Solicitors/Trustees) working on behalf of individuals

We broadly provide three services:

As discovery agents, when we believe that we have located property (shares, pensions, life policies and dormant bank accounts) you are beneficially entitled to, we can assist you in identifying and then making a full recovery of the unclaimed asset.
When we are engaged as tracing agents we can help locate lost beneficiaries to an estate, either by Will or Intestacy, on your behalf.
We also provide a full range of other professional genealogical services, such as in preparing genealogy reports or helping custodians maintain their statutory responsibilities.

For further information on services to individuals please see Owners & Beneficiaries. If you are acting in a professional/third party capacity please see Solicitors and Trustees.

For companies, financial institutions, insurance and pension companies, local authorities or businesses

We can provide services to find lost customers or clients in connection with:

Matured or lapsed insurance policies
Dormant bank accounts
Dissentient registers
Rights issues
Gone away/deceased shareholders

For further information on our Corporate Sector services, please click here.

We pride ourselves on recognising that each case is different and tailor our service accordingly, ensuring every case is seen through to conclusion efficiently and promptly, with minimal incidental and disbursement costs.

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