Corporate Social Responsibility

Treethorpe’s aim is to play a major role in the field of asset reunification; for the benefit of our society and stakeholders.

We seek to reunite individuals with assets and entitlements that are rightfully theirs, whether the entitlement is through direct ownership or through inheritance, while not discriminating based on value.

We aim to achieve this through expanding our commercial relationships and by both adhering to and continuingly developing the following operational principles that underpin our company values of Professionalism, Integrity, and being Client Focused.

All managers are responsible for ensuring that the principles set out in this policy are communicated, understood and observed by all staff whilst ensuring compliance in their area of responsibility.

All our staff are expected, and actively encouraged, to report any breach of our principles without fear of retaliation or harassment for reporting any concern in good faith.

Our Staff

Will benefit from a wide and comprehensive training programme; encompassing both internal and external elements
Will be supported to undertake professional qualifications in their field
Will be provided with a safe and healthy working environment
Will benefit from having a Reward and Recognition programme that acknowledges performance across a Balanced Scorecard
Will be regularly asked for their feedback and suggestions culminating in participation in an annual Employee Opinion Survey
Will benefit from having clear processes and policies to follow; that are subject to quarterly Quality Assurance reviews
Will be encouraged to ‘walk in our clients and suppliers shoes’; consistently demonstrating empathy and understanding
Will be expected to be ‘blind’ to the value of the case and work on all with the same level of professionalism and commitment
Will experience a culture that respects them as an individual and encourages mutual trust and good communication.

Our Clients

Will be our paramount consideration when working their case
Will benefit from clear communication from us at all times; be that written or verbal
Will feel that they have received a professional service representing value for money
Will benefit from fair and transparent terms and conditions when engaging our service
Will benefit from our pledge not to promise more than we can deliver or make commitments we are unable to keep
Will experience a ‘can do’ culture and approach; regardless of the complexities within their case
Will be protected by our comprehensive insurance should we ever make a mistake
Will feel reassured by our registration with the Financial Conduct Authority, and the Information Commissioners Office giving responsibility to respect client privacy and provide protection for personal data
Will benefit from our goal to maintain a minimum 90% client satisfaction rating
Will benefit from transparent and effective procedures that address client complaints, helping to ensure a fair and timely resolution.

Our Suppliers

Will be asked to confirm their IT Information and Security arrangements
Will be asked to act as our clients advocate in all that they do and adhere to principles consistent with our own
Will benefit from clear Service Level Agreements that define our expectations
Will receive prompt invoice settlement in line with contract terms
Will benefit from our commitment to respect their legitimate commercial interests in our dealings with them
Will benefit from our desire to build lasting and productive commercial relationships based on mutual trust, understanding and respect.

Our Community

Will benefit from our desire to ‘give something back’:

Every year each office nominates a worthy local cause to benefit from the monies collected on a weekly basis as a result of our regular ‘dress down Friday’ events
All our staff are encouraged to take part in ‘national’ charity initiatives such as Children in Need and Christmas Jumper Day
Will benefit from our desire to employ local individuals wherever possible
Will benefit from our support of staff who volunteer in community focussed initiatives, such as the Special Constable role.

Our Compliance

All individuals employed by, or affiliated with Treethorpe, will comply with the applicable laws and regulations wherever they do business. Appropriate training and guidance will be provided as necessary.

All accounting and other records and supporting documents will accurately describe and reflect the nature of the underlying transaction.