Fees and Commissions

No Success, No Fee

In most cases, our fees are contingency-based, meaning that no fees are payable unless we are successful in our work. Even then, our fees are normally deducted from the assets within the estate that are recovered.

This means that there is usually no cost to the Local Authority.

Some assignments, such as ad hoc research reports or family tree validation, for example, are charged on a ‘time and materials’ * basis when the contingency-based fee is inappropriate. We offer a highly competitive package, designed to suit the needs of each individual case, and each organisation.

See our Time and Materials fees.


CASE STUDY: RESEARCHING AND CONTACTING A LARGE FAMILY — D was a bachelor with no children, he had passed away in a nursing home with no known next of kin and was an only child of deceased parents. Treethorpe traced his aunts, uncles, cousins and first cousins once removed. They all remembered D but hadn’t had any contact with him for many years and weren’t aware that he had passed away. In total, 21 beneficiaries were traced, many of whom had no contact with, or knowledge of, each other. Through our relationship building and client focused approach, Treethorpe managed to ensure they all agreed on using the same family member to act as their personal representative.

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