One of the ways that we can help to support our clients is to offer to act as the Personal Representative for an Estate on their behalf. The role of the Personal Representative is to act as the legal representative for the Estate and to make any relevant decisions.

A family may choose for us to act as the Personal Representative on their behalf for various reasons. For example, they may prefer a neutral party to make decisions on behalf of the whole estate or they may feel that the role seems a bit overwhelming.

During the current situation with Covid-19, this has been something that we have been offering more frequently to our clients to help support them.

Part of acting as the Personal Representative to an Estate initially comprises signing the documentation to apply for the Grant of Representation with the courts. It may also be necessary to sign and return any documentation that is needed by the financial institutions and to also provide certified copies of ID and proof of address. All of which can be difficult if our clients fall into the ‘vulnerable’ group and must shield.

By giving our clients the option for us to act as the Personal Representative, we have been able to ensure progression of the estate administration whilst helping to maintain wellbeing.

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