Bereavement Training with Cruse

All of the staff here at Treethorpe have recently undergone a refresher training course with Cruse — the UK’s leading bereavement charity.

As part of our job, we are dealing with bereavement on an almost daily basis so this training plays a vital role in helping us to support our clients.

In some instances, the family we have contacted may already be aware that their relative has passed away. Alternatively, the person we are contacting them about may be a very distant relative who they do not have an emotional connection with or may not even have heard of.

For other cases, we may be breaking the news that a close relative has passed away. We have had many instances where the family members we have contacted have lost contact with their relative and have been trying to find them for some time. In other instances, there may have been a rift in the family and our contact can bring up a lot of memories for the family.

During the current situation with COVID-19, bereavement is that much harder for the families as they may not have been able to see their loved ones before they passed away or have been able to have the funeral arrangements they would have had under usual circumstances to celebrate their relative’s life.

We take our duty of care to our clients seriously and aim to offer our clients as much support as we can.

About Cruse

Cruse are the UK’s leading bereavement charity reaching over 100,000 people across the UK each year. They offer support, advice and information to children, young people and adults and work to enhance society’s care of bereaved people.

For 60 years Cruse has been committed to helping bereaved people understand their loss and cope with their grief. They draw on this experience to develop their training.

If you feel would like to speak with someone, you can phone their national helpline on 0808 808 1677 or contact them by email at [email protected]

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