Every family has its story.

While many families believe their history is straightforward and devoid of mystery, it is often quite the opposite. Each family possesses its own unique attributes, and this is reflected in the cases we handle. Whether a family’s heritage is unknown or its members are disconnected, Treethorpe endeavours to uncover these answers in pursuit of asset reunification.

The challenge of unravelling mysteries is what initially fascinated me about this role. Choosing Treethorpe as my next opportunity after graduation was a decision I do not regret. Treethorpe offers a plethora of training courses and diverse experiences while nurturing my interest in law and legal processes. In short, Treethorpe provides me with the perfect role, one that allows me to enjoy my work while continually challenging me.

Before joining Treethorpe, I gained knowledge and practical skills in various areas of law through different legal placements. While these experiences were invaluable, I have yet to determine a set route for my career. This flexibility enables me to accumulate more experience and carve out my own path, with Treethorpe offering immense support along the way.

Navigating the realm of estate administration presents its fair share of hurdles. From intricate family dynamics to legal complexities and emotionally charged situations, practitioners in this field must exercise sensitivity and tact. Yet, it is precisely these challenges that ignite my passion. The opportunity to unravel complexities, provide clarity, and alleviate the burdens of clients brings a profound sense of fulfilment. The gratitude received from those I assist serves as a constant reminder of the meaningful impact our work has on individuals’ lives.

Treethorpe nurtures not only my professional career but also my personal growth. This unwavering support is a primary factor in why I enjoy my work so much.

Furthermore, the diverse backgrounds within my team have been incredibly beneficial. Learning from colleagues with varied expertise has broadened my skill set and enriched my role within the team. Looking ahead, I am excited to continue developing my abilities and contributing to Treethorpe’s ongoing success.

I relish treating each case as its own investigation and searching for answers. Whether through historical tracing or genealogy, I enjoy the perspective of a detective. I am eager and optimistic to continue my journey at Treethorpe, looking forward to cracking the next case and uncovering a new family’s story.

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