Over the last ten years, we have helped 2,500+ people benefit from over £17 million worth of assets. Working with private individuals, company secretaries, asset custodians, local authorities and solicitors, we have uncovered assets they themselves had either long since forgotten about, or received a share in an unknown asset/estate they were legally entitled too.

We are happy to share some of the very positive feedback we have received over time and take pride in knowing that our work can help people and their lives.

I must commend the professionalism, sensitivity and courtesy of both Lauren Geary and Caroline Cooper during the protracted complex negotiations to safeguard the inheritance.

Lauren was particularly dogged in tracking down myself and informing me of the inheritance that I never expected to receive. She ensured that the most was made of every opportunity and I wish her the best for her future career and her personal life.

Caroline Cooper of Treethorpe dealt very professionally and sympathetically with the whole procedure.

My three brothers and myself were brought up in an orphanage. At the age of 15 we all went our different ways and so lost touch with one another. I was informed by Caroline that my older brother (whom I hadn’t seen for 60 years had died) leaving a small legacy. I was in touch with one brother, but the younger of my siblings, was nowhere to be found. After a lot of searching, (we were almost giving up ever finding him), Caroline informed us that they had found him in London. Excellent service, Treethorpe dealt with the whole procedure and we are now in touch with him on a regular bases. Thank you, Treethorpe and a big thank you to Caroline Cooper.

I was contacted out of the blue by Gemma Tame, representing this company. She told me they had found some assets of my long deceased grandmothers. After several letters and emails, I received a useful windfall to distribute to our family. All very professional and well explained. Quite marvellous!

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